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Pushing laser technology toward deep-UV wavelengths, Integrated frequency conversion with massive bandwidth, Wafer scale compatibility
, Leveraging decades of laser advancements

Leveraging groundbreaking developments within diode laser technology and photonic integration. We seek to expand the range of compact, affordable solid-state light sources far down to the deep-UV spectrum.

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Taking nonlinear optics to integrated platforms

Since the 60’s the peculiar nonlinear effects of certain materials have allowed for conversion and mixing of laser wavelengths, but typically in big laboratory systems.

We are bringing this technology to wafer-scale production of photonic integrated circuits, enabling complex phenomena on a scalable platform. Using our platform, existing excellent laser diodes commercially available at visible wavelengths can be converted to UV wavelengths with great flexibility.

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UV Laser Target Applications



Deep UV lasers with wavelengths shorter than 280 nm have found many promising applications in various fields such as biomedical and environmental sensing, sterilization of medical tools, sensing of hazardous gases, precision photolithography, UV Raman spectroscopy, and disinfection for the inactivation of pathogens. 



With our technology, we foresee advancements in...


Deep-UV spectroscopy (fluorescence microscopy biomedical)



Mixing to reach unobtainable wavelength


Flow Cytometers



Quantum technologies



Peter is one of the key stakeholders in developing the UV Laser. Reach out to Peter to learn more about how UV Laser can help you. 

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Scientific publications

Continuous-wave second-harmonic generation in the far-UVC pumped by a blue laser diode. 

Eric J. Stanton, Peter Tønning, Emil Z. Ulsig, Stig Calmar, Maiya A. Bourland, Simon T. Thomsen, Kevin B. Gravesen, Peter Johansen and Nicolas Volet 
Published in Scientific Reports  14, 3238 (2024).
Demonstration of our novel approach to integrated frequency conversion spanning an unprecedented wavelength range enabling conversion of both pulsed and continuous wave pump lasers. The paper presents a brief overview of the underlying novel theory before presenting extensive data from the first-ever realization of such a system integrated wavelength conversion. 

Walk-off effect in nonlinear crystals suitable for UVC generation. 

Nicolas Volet, Emil Z. Ulsig, Iterio Degli-Eredi, Peter Tønning, Eric J. Stanton 
Proceedings Volume 11670, Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials and Devices; 116701O (2021)  
A deep dive into the materials available for SHG towards Far UVC wavelengths. The paper highlights BBO as the most promising candidate and elaborates on the interaction strength, phase-matching criterium and the resultant walk-off in bulk crystals.  

Design study of efficient far-UVC second-harmonic generation using an integrated approach. 

Emil Z. Ulsig, Nicolas Volet 
Proceedings Volume 11770, Nonlinear Optics and Applications XII; 117700P (2021) 
Theoretical study on the feasibility of Far UVC generation in BBO waveguides attaining phase matching through engineering of the effective refractive index of the fundamental mode of the pump in the waveguide.  

Partners and collaborators 

We are proud to have a diverse range of visionary partners and collaborators. Together, we work towards unlocking the full potential of our technology. Since our foundation, we have actively participated in and led multiple publicly funded projects to explore further and advance our technology and its applications.

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